Review Guidelines

Rules of conduct

The intent and design of expocheck is to provide support to visitors and exhibitors in deciding which trade fair or exhibition to attend. They're supposed to find those shows best meeting their needs and requirements.

In order to make expocheck a genuinely efficient tool, there are a few rules to observe for posting ratings, reviews and comments. Compliance with these rules is essential and will be closely monitored. If any reviews or comments with contents violating our terms of use are reported or found, these will be put in quarantine and will be deleted from our website – without any exceptions. In severe cases, we reserve the right to suspend registered members.

Only fair reviews are of any use

Your reviews must actually relate to the reviewed trade fair and exhibition events; they must be truthful, objective and founded. You may only review events you actually attended as visitor or exhibitor. You may of course also submit critical reviews and comments, you must, however, stick to the facts. Trade fair or exhibition organizers and/or their staff may not submit any reviews about their own shows or cause such reviews to be submitted or write incorrect reviews or cause such reviews to be submitted in order to intentionally discredit a competitor. Reviews based upon hearsay or third-party opinions are inadmissible. Derogatory symbols may not be used.

The following contents are inadmissible:

Below is a non-conclusive list of user contributions which are unlawful and which will not be publicized at the website. (Excerpt from Terms of Use).

Deutscher Fachverlag reserves the right to amend this list at any time and at its own discretion to investigate or take legal action against any party acting in violation of these regulations, in particular to remove the unlawful item from the website and/or to put it under quarantine and, where applicable, to exclude the violator from further using the website. This relates to user contributions which

  • are obviously offensive to an online community, e.g. contents in any way considered racist, intolerant, defamatory or derogatory of a physical detriment, irrespective of whether against a group or an individual;
  • are used to pretend being another person or staff member of another company without this being true;
  • are used to review a trade fair, exhibition or another event without actually having been there;
  • are used to intentionally cause harm to another person or a competitor or instigate others to do such;
  • encompass forwarding so-called junk mail, chain letters or other unsolicited mass advertisement or so-called spam;
  • are defamatory or offending;
  • contain information which you know to be false or deceptive or which refer to illegal activities or conduct or which are obscene, threatening or abusive;
  • have links to external websites;
  • encompass illegal or unauthorized copies of a work to which another person has copyrights e.g. pirated computer programs or links to these, information on how to override preinstalled copy protection or illegal music copies or links to illegal music files:
  • contain websites with restricted access or password access or which contain concealed websites or images, i.e. which cannot be linked from another generally accessible website;
  • contain instructions for illegal activities, e.g. the manufacture or purchase of illegal weapons and/or the violation of third-party personal rights and/or sending or generating computer viruses;
  • represent a form of conduct or promote a form of conduct which is a punishable offense, is subject to civil-law liability or in any other way is unlawful or violates the rights of a third party in Germany or, if applicable, in any other country all over the world; or
  • promote business activities or sales without our prior written approval having been obtained, e.g. competitions, lotteries, barter deals, advertisement and transactions based on snowball systems.

By forwarding or disseminating user contributions at this website, you authorize the public to freely use, copy and disseminate these user contributions in all media and in any form without your prior consent being required. You may not forward or disseminate information or material to which a third party has copyrights without explicit prior written consent by such third party. You will indemnify Deutscher Fachverlag against any third-party claims asserted due to any violation by you of these regulations.