expocheck - your global fair advisor.

expocheck is the first professional, independent and global expo review portal operated by dfv media group.

Why expocheck?

It has become almost customary to consider reviews for our purchasing decisions. Recommendations have become essential as instrument for gaining information. Opinions spread throughout the Internet today already play an important role in the expo industry as well. The objective of expocheck is therefore to bundle this diversity in opinions and to help you identify the trade fairs and exhibitions relevant to you.

For forming your opinion, you are supported by the reviews and recommendations given by other exhibitors and visitors in your particular industry. In addition, the detail pages for the particular events will give you an insight into the topical posts per event shared in the social media. The expocheck search is available to you on the basis of the qualified data in the proven m+a expo database.

How can you be part of expocheck?

You may at any time post your reviews and rating of the events you attended and thus share your own valuable experiences – your expert opinion – with others. This way you can also convince your own network, for example to visit a particular fair or to install an own expo stand at recommendable venues.

Once you've registered for free at expocheck, you have a variety of interaction and information options: you may comment on reviews, pose questions to the expocheck community or give answers to inquiries.

What are our quality standards?

With expocheck, we warrant for transparency, professional competency, and neutrality. In cooperation with our Berlin implementation partner ferret go GmbH, we have put several mechanisms in place to assure at all times the quality of assessments and comments. One of these mechanisms is our reporting system, another one is strict compliance with our review guidelines.

Register for free und profitieren Sie von expocheck.

On which data is expocheck based?

expocheck is a service made available by m+a International Tradeshow Media, a product of the renowned dfv media group, providing competent insight into the expo and fair market. m+a has at its disposal a vast database, expo competency and insider know-how and for decades has been a leading information source for the national and international exhibition industry. In our expo database, we already now have an extensive data inventory and a strong network with currently approx. 25,800 fair schedules, 3,800 fairgrounds, 7,100 expo service providers and more than 5,300 news and articles.


Which implementation partners support us?

The ferret go GmbH supplies user content analytics and thus user insight to the management of communities, for market research and faster processing of feedback in CRM processes. Their proprietary, computer-linguistic text-mining procedures are capable of systematically analyzing buyer opinions just as much as product reviews, reader comments or survey responses. ferret provides its services to media companies, market researchers and agencies, commerce and industry.