Forest Management Fair

National trade fair
18 - 20 September 2020
Sosnowiec, Poland
Date Changed
Exhibition date 2020 postponed from May to September

General Overview

18 - 20 September 2020
About the expo
Forest Management Fair EXPOForest is the only event of this kind in southern Poland. Nowadays, due to scientific and technological progress, all elements of forest management become much more efficient without affecting values of forest lands. New opportunities for development used by industry companies, which are presented at EXPOForest, not only guarantee the competitiveness on the market, but also increase safety and comfort of work.
More Facts
Show type National trade fair
First year of expo 2019
Branches Forestry
Products / Sectors Seed production (extraction, storage, preparation and transport of seeds, equipment for seed extraction, purification and separation), forest nursery [nursery machinery, irrigation, plant protection products), timber harvesting (tools, machinery and equipment), timber transport and forwarding, forest protection measures and fire protection, forest roads (drainage equipment, signs), fencing, timber certification, arboriculture, sawmill industry (tools, machinery and equipment), timber impregnation and chemistry, fuels and by-products, wooden construction, protective clothing and uniforms, forestry maintenance companies, IT systems, measuring tools, monitoring, vehicles and means of communication, specialist training courses, machinery leasing, renewable energy sources, ecological heating systems, wood recycling
Open to Trade visitors
Frequency Annual
Expo Website https://www.exposilesia.pl/expoforest/12/0/pl/


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