International Famous Furniture Machinery and Material Fair

International trade fair
Dongguan, China, PR
Exhibition date March 2020 postponed for the moment

General Overview

Location Guang Dong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie
Furniture Road, Houjie
523952 Dongguan
China, PR

About the expo
International Famous Furniture Woodworking Machinery and Material Fair (IFM) is co-organized by Dongguan Famous Furniture Association and International Furniture & Decoration (Hong Kong) Association. As a semi-annual event, it is held every year in March and September, concurrently with International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan) (3F). In the last decade, IFM grows with 3F, the representative furniture fair in China and contributes to the fast growth of Chinese furniture industry by constantly introducing reliable and affordable woodworking machines and raw materials.
More Facts
Show type International trade fair
First year of expo 1999
Branches Woodworking, Furniture Industry
Products / Sectors Materials: Logs, panel board, hardware, semi-finished wood products, chemicals, decoration materials, other furniture accessories. Machinery and tools: Wood processing machinery, furniture manufacturing machinery, panel board manufacturing machinery, knives and blades, machinery accessories, hand tools, grinders, measuring equipment, material handling equipment. Related products: Building and construction, interior decoration, software
Open to Trade visitors, last day public admitted
Frequency Twice a year, part of 3F
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Hong Kong Furniture Association

Dongguan Famous Furniture Association

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523948 Dongguan
China, PR
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Furniture Road, Houjie
China, PR