Impact of COVID-19

Gwen Kaufmann - Wednesday, October 28, 2020    

The impact of COVID-19 on the exhibition and event service-provider industry is severe: Revenues have dropped over 91% for 38% of suppliers and between 76% and 90% for another 36%. That is a key result of the study that IFES, the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services, has conducted amongst its member companies to shed more light on the current situation of service providers. If exhibitions do not return on a broad basis until March 2021, 15% stated that they would have to close their business. Most service providers stated at the time of the survey in September 2020 that they would be able to get by somehow, but only 8% had managed to find new sources of income. Many companies had already had to lay off employees, which was leading to skilled workers migrating to other sectors, as 71% state. Almost half (49%) of respondents are convinced that professionals will no longer want to work in the live events industry as it is too uncertain. However, there is at least some good news for service providers as almost half (48%) of the clients bear the cost for material storage when shows have been postponed. (kf)


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