Think tank results on hybrid events

Gwen Kaufmann - Wednesday, September 23, 2020    

Think tank results on hybrid events

Last May, more than 150 industry professionals joined forces in an Exhibition Think Tank to discuss which areas need to change and how the exhibition industry could fit the future. The groups came together in far more than 100 meetings and identified 33 areas that the industry needs to develop further. Countless ideas were discussed and have now been summarised in a consolidated report to redefine the industry. Further to that, the Exhibition Think Tank has turned into a club in which ETT members continue to discuss innovations for the exhibition industry. In another sprint ran last July, the ETT club went "on a hunt" to find the best hybrid event. During the UFI Connect session on September 22, Matthias Tesi Baur, CEO, MBB Consulting Group and initiator of the Exhibition Think Tank, will provide an update about the Exhibition Think Tank and the work around hybrid events. (ufi)



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