Attendees are open to return to show floor

Gwen Kaufmann - Wednesday, August 26, 2020    

Photo: Aliane Schwartzhaupt on Unsplash

A large number of exhibition attendees can see themselves returning to live events, with 88% of respondents of a recent survey stating that they are open to attending shows in person again. Overall, the results indicated that 65% demand some form of mitigation before they will attend, while 23% prefer no mitigation. Five core segments emerged from the study conducted by GES, who surveyed over 1,300 attendees during the months of June and July to gain a better understanding of the concerns and impact related to returning safely to live events. The five segments were classified according to their distinct perception of Covid-19-related risks and mitigation requirements. A total of 12% of respondents answered “Nope!”, indicating that they have substantial concerns about health risks and do not believe in mitigation. Respondents in the “Convince Me” segment (with a share of 24%) are concerned about risks related to Covid-19 but are open to attending if the event is of high value to them. A further 24% from the “Open Hall” group, who are only moderately concerned about Covid-19, are open to personal restrictions but do not want set meetings or limited meeting times. The 17% of the “We Can Do This” group are only slightly concerned about Covid-19 and have faith in mitigation measures, while just under a quarter of the respondents (23%) answered “What Virus?”, indicating barely any concern about Covid-19 and the desire for shows to continue as before the health pandemic. “GES’ research findings provide great insight for event organisers and underscore how vital it is to understand the attendee base and their risk perceptions in order to be able to tailor event design and mitigation strategies towards attendee needs,” said GES Global Chief Marketing Officer Wendy Gibson. (kf)


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