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Gwen Kaufmann - Monday, August 3, 2020    

Photo: Ross Findon on Unsplash

The first Exhibitions Think Tank has launched its final report, which gathers the insights of more than 150 global industry professionals to set out recommendations for the future direction of the exhibition industry. It clearly shows that health and safety is not the only focus. While COVID-19 is a health crisis, focusing on health and safety alone will not bring about the holistic change needed to tackle the issues caused by the crisis. COVID-19 has made existing issues more urgent, as the global pandemic highlighted long overdue need for change in many areas, such as digital services, which needs to be accelerated to adapt to new demands. Thus, holistic change is needed as it is not possible to solve challenges in one area in isolation whilst ignoring challenges in other areas. Key ways to effect change identified include creating more skill diversification in the workforce, introducing more customer-centric strategies and placing more emphasis on digital services and hybrid events. Six key categories have been identified in the value proposition: exhibition set-up, digital services, HR, commercial strategy, and marketing and communications. Matthias Tesi Baur, from MBB-Consulting Group, the organisation behind the Exhibitions Think Tank, says: "This report is a resource of the combined skills of 150 people from the exhibition industry. It spotlights that change in our industry is inevitable and undoubtedly needed, which puts us all on a mission to define this change before this is done by others." Following the launch of the report, MBB-Consulting founded the Exhibitions Think Tank Club (ETT Club), to continue the discussion around innovation and networking in the industry. (kf)     exhibitionthinktank.com/final-report


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