“Exhibitions are key to rebuilding economies”

Global Exhibitons Day 2020: Participation from 114 countries and regions

hei - Thursday, June 11, 2020    

Global Exhibitons Day 2020: Participation from 114 countries and regions
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The 5th edition of Global Exhibitions Day (GED) 2020 spread the message “exhibitions are key to rebuilding economies” across the globe. From videos to meetings with policy makers, webinars to hybrid events, webcast to social campaigns, bingo, cakes, virtual running parties, and more, people and organisations from at least 114 countries/regions got involved in GED2020.

Governments around the world revisited polices towards exhibitions, while GED activities and messages were being spread across the world. Over the past few days, New Zealand decided to allow events of all sizes to take place again beginning the second week in June. Greece announced exhibitions can restart 1 July. Germany announced event logistic companies and companies connected to trade shows and events are eligible for funds from a €25B fund set up to assist with COVID-19 related revenue loss. As well, in the US state of Texas, it was declared that exhibitions and convention centres can reopen now at 50% of their usual occupancy.

Over the course of the GED campaign, UFI was able to track 8,376 mentions, through unique posts and messages, that had a potential reach of 715m people. Thousands of people participated live in at least 21 webinars and hybrid events, and on 3 June, as well as in the lead-up, many more activities, celebrating the people and power of exhibitions, took place throughout the industry.

Mary Larkin, UFI President & President of Diversified Communications, said, “I am astounded with the participation in this year’s Global Exhibitions Day. Our unique industry took-up the challenge to make sure we were seen and heard by policy makers and by our customers. As exhibitions begin to restart across the world, we will reconnect and rebuild businesses. As an industry, we must take the momentum and awareness we’ve generated into the next phases of our advocacy work.”




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