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How to start again

Gwen Kaufmann - Wednesday, May 20, 2020    

How to start again
Image: UFI

The exhibition industry is eager to start hosting exhibitions again and working concepts and frameworks for doing so. Roughly 400 participants were eager to learn about best practices for reopening exhibitions in the UFI Connects session on May 14. Marco Spinger, director of Global Markets & IT Division, AUMA (Germany) gave an overview of the progress of reopening in Germany, pointing out that it depends on the decisions of the individual states. But first signs are positive, and he expects that trade shows in Germany can start again from September onwards. Rachel Parker, director at AEV, Association of Event Venues (UK), sees this as a positive example, because in the UK the differentiation between mass gatherings and exhibitions has not been understood by politicians yet, but all British events associations are lobbying heavily to change this. The associations are also facilitating a lot of working group meetings to discuss how to move forward and exchange best practice examples. "Member engagement is as high as ever", Parker said, which goes to show that there is a great need for information exchange and sharing knowledge. Regarding the additional costs that occur through new hygiene standards and procedures, this has – at least in the UK – not been addressed yet. However, Rachel Parker believes there is a broad understanding that the cost will have to be split among all parties in order to be able to run trade shows again. In the UK she observes a general collaborative approach as solutions have to be found. Wrapping up the session, Kai Hattendorf, president / CEO of UFI, urged the industry to actively develop concepts for reopening which can be presented to the politicians so they have a framework they can use for their decision-making. "We cannot wait for the politicians to come to us, it is up to us to go to the politicians and inform them on the measures taken to safely operate exhibitions as the market places for a quick recovery", he stressed. (kf)     ufi.org/uficonnects


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