Sustainable Development Goals in Detroit

TCF Center aims for sustainability leadership

kf - Wednesday, April 1, 2020    

TCF Center aims for sustainability leadership
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Detroit's TCF Center, along with leadership in Metro Detroit and the international event industry, is adapting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into sustainability and corporate responsibility programmes to support the efforts and align day-to-day operations to meet the global goals. The well-orchestrated effort of the TCF Center Green Committee and its local agency network paid off in 2019. A whopping 280 tons of waste was diverted from the waste stream, including 60 tons of post-event donations that were upcycled to local nonprofits. The total also included 112 tons of food and kitchen waste, which were redistributed as compost to local urban gardens by the venue's composting partner. Energy consumption was reduced by 24 percent. New Green Committee Goals for 2020 include expansion of the food efficiency programme, additional bottle refill stations, attainment of LEED platinum status, and expansion of the venue's corporate social responsibility programme called TCF Impact.


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