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GL events grows exhibitions significantly

kf - Friday, February 21, 2020    

GL events grows exhibitions significantly
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GL events reported consolidated revenue for FY2019 of €1.173 billion, exceeding expectations with strong overall growth of 12.7%. This performance reflects both the group's solid organic growth of 6.5% as well as contributions from acquisitions in Asia (+6.5%) in line with the strategy for conquering new markets and accelerating development. Olivier Ginon, GL events group's chairman, commented: "This momentum was driven by continuing growth of the group's historical operations, with excellent performances by all three business divisions, plus contributions from the Chinese companies acquired at the beginning of the year." All three business divisions delivered strong growth. GL events Exhibitions registered the strongest gains with a 48.3% increase in revenue, including 16.1% LFL. In addition to the positive biennial effect and the growth of its existing portfolio of exhibitions, this division also benefited from the contributions of exhibitions recently acquired in China. GL events Live accumulated a revenue of €600.1 million with growth of 6.5% (+2.3% LFL), GL events Exhibitions had an annual revenue of €231.4 million, GL events Venues came in with an annual revenue of 41.4 million as reported on December 31, 2019, up 6.4% in relation to 2018 (+7.0%LFL).


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