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New report on the exhibition industry's contribution to UNSDGs

kf - Tuesday, February 18, 2020    

New report on the exhibition industry's contribution to UNSDGs

UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry – has updated its database of initiatives and projects from the exhibition industry that support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UNSDGs). This resource showcases work done by organisers, venues, and service providers alike. It was initiated by the UFI Working Group on Sustainability and put together in collaboration with Greenview, a member of this working group. The whole concept was also shared for use by the Joint Meetings Industry Council, to expand the compilation to other segments of the event industry. "Making our industry more sustainable in all aspects of the word is vital not only for our future but is also a moral obligation to the survival of our planet. The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework where all businesses can show their respective contributions, and UFI is very happy to position the exhibition industry in this exercise," says UFI President Mary Larkin. The report "The Exhibition Industry and the UN SDGs: Connecting People, Multiplying Impact" makes details of the 25 submissions available. These submissions cover the following 14 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. Sixty-eight per cent of submissions cited a contribution to SDG 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production. Actions taken include purchasing from local suppliers where possible, reducing the usage of single-use plastic, reducing food wastage through composting or redistribution. Each contribution falls into one of the three following categories: I) Exhibition Theme: How the theme of the exhibition contributes to the SDGs, II) Exhibition Operation: How the operator of the exhibition contributes to the SDGs, and III) Company's Operations: How a company's operations contribute to the SDGs. The collection of case studies identifies five leading areas of best practices for the exhibition industry: 1) Spreading awareness about SDGs and advancing sustainable industries, 2) Taking consumption seriously and prioritising local suppliers, 3) Combatting waste with collaborative efforts, 4) Putting it down in ink – stipulating environmental terms in contracts, and 5) Unveiling the secret to affordable and clean energy.


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