What’s in store for the exhibition industry in 2020?

UFI is looking ahead

kf - Wednesday, December 11, 2019    

UFI is looking ahead
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As the year is drawing to a close, UFI is looking ahead at what is trending for the upcoming year. With 2020, a new decade is about to start and it seems that globalisation may have peaked. With this, more regional trading patterns might re-emerge. The message for the globally connected exhibition industry is clear: balancing portfolios across regions and industries is primordial to remaining successful in the years ahead. The second topic addressed by UFI CEO Kai Hattendorf in his synopsis "UFI's 5 trends to watch in 2020" is sustainability. Getting serious about sustainable actions will become a must in 2020. "The good news is that, while we all can do much to implement best practices at every event we organise, on the whole exhibitions are and remain the most sustainable way of bringing all the players of an industry together", Hattendorf states. The third issue to focus on will be keeping customers' trust. A lot of this revolves around data and transparency at all customer touch points – from pricing policies to visitor numbers to ROI data. If indeed "data is the new oil," then the data that are used to attract exhibitors and visitors and the data that are generated for them must be trustworthy and stand up to scrutiny. The last two trends point to agility: While business models of the past will have to be reviewed and revived to overcome silos, the openness to share, exchange, and collaborate makes the exhibition industry strong. "More diversity in leadership for diverse companies within our sector will drive the continued success of our industry as a whole", Hattendorf sums up.


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