Good reasons to adapt sustainable practices

kf - Wednesday, January 15, 2020    

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Being sustainable might seem daunting at first, even more so when we realise that there are 17 different pillars to work on according to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. To make sustainable efforts more accessible, the International Exhibition Logistics Association IELA has published sustainability guidelines and explains the advantages for a company adapting sustainable practices. The concept of sustainability has various dimensions when relating to transportation planning and freight movement, materials management and responsible purchasing, eco-sustainable premises as well as energy and vehicle efficiency. It opens the door to a wide array of new services and applications of environmentally friendly strategies along the exhibition value chain. The aim is to work together to integrate environmental, social and economic sustainability practices within the operations division and exhibition planning. "Sustainability and environmental factors play a major role for customers in the appointment process of official freight forwarders or for partners and act in some cases as a unique selling point", the association states.


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