Press Release: German organisers with strong exhibition portfolio abroad

353 trade fairs outside Germany planned in 2020

Auma - Wednesday, November 20, 2019    

353 trade fairs outside Germany planned in 2020
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German exhibition organisers are planning 353 foreign trade fairs in 39 countries next year. The brochure “German Trade Fair Quality Abroad 2020”, published by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA), provides an overview of these events organ-ised by members of AUMA.

The main region continues to be Southern, Eastern and Central Asia, where 193 events will be taking place, followed by European non-EU countries (49), Latin America (36), the EU (20), the Middle East (19), North America (19), Africa (11) and Australia/Oceania (6). A total of 18 members of AUMA organise trade fairs abroad. These exhibitions cover almost the entire spectrum of industry – from au-tomation to construction technology, energy, food industry and vehi-cles to agriculture and forestry, machinery and textile industry.

The brochure entitled “German Trade Fair Quality Abroad“ lists the exhibitions by industry and venue. Information on main products and services, year launched, intervals and contact details is provided for every fair. The brochure targets export-oriented companies both in Germany and abroad. The calendar can be ordered or downloaded free of charge from AUMA by clicking:


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