UFI releases new industry report

Overview of exhibition industry in Latin America

Gwen Kaufmann - Thursday, December 5, 2019    

Overview of exhibition industry in Latin America
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A new report on the state of the exhibition industry in Latin America has been released by UFI. It is based on research that provides neutral, up-to-date information on the exhibition industry in Latin America. This first edition, released during the UFI Global Congress 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 6 to 9, 2019 includes survey results of 126 companies in 17 markets. It shows that 61% of the venues engaged in renovation or enlargement processes in the last 3 years. José Navarro Meneses, Regional Chair Latin America says: “We are happy to welcome this report, the first of its kind done by UFI, and a testimony to the ever-growing support UFI provides to its members in Latin America.” Ana Maria Arango, UFI Regional Manager Latin America, says: “I am pleased to announce this exciting research, which will give companies a clear and in-depth understanding of the entire exhibition industry in Latin America. The region offers an array of opportunities to both local and international businesses, and this research is a key part of UFI’s activities to help to develop the exhibition industry in the future.” A second edition of the research will be released during the UFI Latin America Conference 2020 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) from April 20 to 21. This updated edition will be expanded to include data on exhibition organisers, service providers, and convention and visitor bureaus.



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