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Gothenburg heads sustainability index

Gwen Kaufmann - Thursday, November 28, 2019    

Gothenburg heads sustainability index

The Swedish city Gothenburg has been named winner of the GDS-Index Leadership Award for the fourth year in a row. Copenhagen comes in second, as in the previous year, and reduces the score difference. Additionally, for the innovation award, which is being evaluated by a panel composed of experienced event professionals and sustainability leaders, Sydney was selected for its "Sustainable Destination Partnership". The third distinction, the Most Improved Award, has been given to an entire region for the very first time in 2019: Meet in Ireland, which has seen its destinations increase up to 35% compared with 2018 results. The GDS-Index is a performance improvement programme to make the business tourism and events industry more sustainable. The index uses 70 indicators that evaluate the participating 58 destinations across the four key areas city environmental performance, city social performance, supplier performance and destination management performance.


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