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ICCA to launch new community

Gwen Kaufmann - Wednesday, November 6, 2019    

ICCA to launch new community
Foto: Clay Banks on Unsplash

In January 2020, ICCA will launch the ICCA Association Community, offering education, connections, tools and resources to assist and support international associations in organising more effective meetings. The new platform will officially welcome association executives into ICCA's global association meeting community as affiliates, aiming to shape the future and value of international association meetings. In his message to members, James Rees, ICCA president, stated: "For over 55 years, ICCA has been the catalyst to bring together the major destinations, venues, and service providers of the international association meetings industry under a common mission to shape the future and value of international association meetings. As the world of meetings has evolved, so has the relationship between ICCA and the associations, moving from the supplier-buyer relationship to that of real partnership and collaboration". ICCA's target group will be association executives with a decision-making or decision-influencing role on where their international meeting is held. Criteria for joining will be the same as ICCA's criteria for inclusion in the ICCA database: They must be non-governmental organisations not managed by third parties with at least one internationally rotating meeting that attracts a minimum of 50 participants per meeting and is held on a regular basis.


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