La Rural and INFECAR sign cooperation agreement

Gwen Kaufmann - Friday, November 22, 2019    

Photo: La Rural

La Rural Convention & Exhibition Centre Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Trade Fair Association of the Canary Islands (INFECAR) have signed a 5-year cooperation agreement that seeks to foster their activities and promote events. This agreement with the Spanish entity will facilitate coordination between both companies to promote quality and professionalism at the different fairs and events organized in the respective venues. This is especially pertinent for the ExpoAgro Canarias, given La Rural's extensive experience as organiser of the Rural Livestock, Agriculture and International Industry Exhibition, which has seen 133 editions to date. This cooperation agreement is an important basis for the communication of events between its stakeholders, for booths presence, brand diffusion and representations, and it will help facilitate the development of institutions in different markets.


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